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Thanksgiving TOP 10

Thankful Grateful Blessed Today we have the choice; To TAKE time to give Thanks or To TAKE for granted the many blessings God has given us. I challenge you to make your own list and put it on paper. I do this every year. In fact my last year's list is still posted on this blog site. This exercise will be most beneficial for you in raising your awareness of God's Goodness and may just allow you to have a little fun. I CHALLENGE all of you to share your list on social media. By doing this, your followers may do the same. What would the world look like if we were all focused on being Thankful, not stressed this Thanksgiving season.??

2015 list (some are serious, some are fun, but all are appreciated) NOT in any particular order of priority- strictly random.

I am thankful for:

1. My loving God who has no strings attached in loving me, forgiving me, blessing and providing for me....... and the list goes on. His Holy Spirit who comforts and encourages me daily.

2. My wife and children- everyday with them is amazing. We are far from perfect people, but in the end we love and appreciate each other.

3. Buffalo Chicken Tenders- Like the cell phone, sometimes I wonder how I ever lived before these things!! I'm praying for a fat free, calorie free version!

4. College Football- I love the SEC and the playoff system. I find myself watching games just to see how the outcome affects the rankings and playoff system. (Note to UGA and LSU- to consider firing your coaches is bizarre)

5. Music- I have found that my hashtag #MusicMakesMyMood is so true. When I need energy, my music is there, when I need encouragement my music is there, when I just want to Praise my God,  my music is there for me.

6. My charcoal grill- I don't have a Green egg or a big expensive Webster type, but my little grill on the patio provides solitude and some of the best private times I have. (by the way, I am a master HOT DOG Chef too! lol)

7. Godly Heritage- Raised in the faith, taught to believe in Miracles and doing my best to pass this along to my children.Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Great Grandparents........

8. Books and articles- My insatiable need for information and the desire to be a lifelong learner pushes me to read everything I can get my hands on. Downloads are great, but I still love paper! (Favorite book: Proverbs)

9. Slow drivers who actually drive in the right hand lane on the interstate- To the slow guys in the fast lane: Get OUT Of the way if you are going Slow and allow those of us who are MASTER drivers to pass you!

10. The fact that I can drive 10 minutes to be with my wonderful parents and family for Thanksgiving dinner! No long drives or passing through airports in this tumultuous time for our country. Thank you Lord.

Well, there are just a few of mine. (hundreds more could be listed)

So how about it? Go do your list today!! You will be THANKFUL you did.

God bless all of you.