Thanksgiving Monday…

What are you grateful for this year? Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

Probably like you, I checked my calendar again today. There were a few appointments, meetings, etc., but no major holidays. It seems today is a Mundane Monday. Just a few days ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving. We spent precious time with our family and friends, ate much more than we should have, watched football (or Hallmark movies) and reflected on the good things in life that our Lord has blessed us with. Today it’s back to work, discarding the leftovers we are now sick of and planning out the final days of 2018. Many are taking advantage of “Cyber Monday” sales as if we need another reason to shop this time of year. But what should today look like?

I hope you will join me this Monday in remaining in the Thankful mindset that we just experienced a few short days ago. Let’s not get consumed with the distractions of this wonderful time of year. Keep the focus on the gift of Christ and give our time and efforts to expressing our love for those closest to us.

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Richie Hughes

Richie Hughes is a noted speaker in a wide variety of settings. Whether he ministers in a church service or challenges a thriving business staff on the other side of the country, Hughes’ topics always revolve around his life message, Col. 3:23, “Whatever you do, do it with all your might as working for the Lord, not for men.” Church consulting is a passion of Richie’s, and God has provided numerous opportunities for him to travel the world pouring into church leadership and staff.