Overnight, large parts of our area were completely devastated. I posted pictures on Twitter and IG. Reports of damage and loss of lives are coming in quickly. Today, I write to you on an IPad using cellular data because our cable and internet were hit by the storm.

This morning, I feel led to ask the Lord to speak to us. It has become obvious to me that we are in the middle of what Pastor Kevin Wallace is calling the “Reset.” You may agree or disagree and I respect your opinion 100%, but just follow along with me for a minute.

2019 – our country had low unemployment and a record breaking economy. Many were thrilled with the year, but many were glad to see 2019 go.

2020- arrives with increased optimism for those who had a successful and joyful 2019 and new hope for those that were ready for a brand new START.

The time was flying by, all systems go, status quo. Then we heard about a Virus, a sickness, a strange illness, one that had more potential to spread and be deadly.

1. “They” told us to go about our business as normal. It was not our problem. It was overseas. Our family continued working, going to Church, supporting our daughter’s “March Madness” run in basketball and planning vacation. You know the things that hold our attention……

2. What? The NCAA cancels our tournament run, TSSAA cancels High School Sports? What is this thing? Why are so many overreacting? Oh well, work goes on, Church goes on, where are we eating out tonight?

3. What? Washington has people dying from this thing? But that’s the west coast… Keep plowing away, doing what we do….

4 What now? What do you mean- “suggested: Work from Home?” All of the sudden, “Zoom” becomes a way of life. Out of respect to our Authorities, I’ll trim back, go in a couple days a week, but work from home the other days. Church becomes a 50/50 with many canceling services.

5. What in the world??? PANDEMIC.. Ok, we are starting to take this serious, even in the south. Governors, “stay at home!” No work, No activities, No Church!

At this point, it became more real, but what did we do?????????

We “Reset”- we can do this… EVERYTHING moves to online! The Internet will save us. We can communicate, work, order and take orders, do Church…..Hey, life goes on, right? We simply move from one DISTRACTION to the next. It’s what we do……..

All of the sudden, we approach 10M out of work, Government Stimulus to keep us going, Politicians arguing over whether Churches should be closed, but Home Depot and Lowe’s can be open. Then, overnight!!!…. folks we know lose their homes to a deadly tornado!!! We pause and pray for the morning and then………..

Today, The Internet, Cable- all are down! But, I look outside, the Sun is beautiful and all of the sudden I move into my music mode. I’m reminded of my friend Mac Powell and Third Day’s song, “Show me your Glory.” Legendary writer, Bill Withers, “Lovely Day” but wait, there I go again, just moving on to another distraction, RESETing, Adjusting……God help me be more aware, focus on others, pray for those devastated and hurting. Help us to pay ATTENTION! Let us RESET your way! Hear Your Voice, SEE your hand at work…..Do YOUR Will.

Lord, you’ve got our attention- Speak….may we not only HEAR your Voice, but may we ADHERE to your will, your wishes, your ways….not ours. Lord, “they” said Easter would be different this year. The day itself was very different, but the night made us even more strangely aware of your power. We can’t surf the internet, get on a Zoom call, watch Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, so Speak to us Lord. We are listening.

Psalm 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding.

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Richie Hughes

Richie Hughes is a noted speaker in a wide variety of settings. Whether he ministers in a church service or challenges a thriving business staff on the other side of the country, Hughes’ topics always revolve around his life message, Col. 3:23, “Whatever you do, do it with all your might as working for the Lord, not for men.” Church consulting is a passion of Richie’s, and God has provided numerous opportunities for him to travel the world pouring into church leadership and staff.