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Do Children NEED a Father?

Yesterday my two daughters got in a car and drove out of my driveway headed to HIGH School together. Did I mention HIGH school? Did you catch the part about them DRIVING themselves? As a Dad, this was one of the most bittersweet days I have ever experienced. You see most all of their school days to this point, I have done the driving. I have shared the morning drive to school. I have quizzed them in the car preparing for their tests that day. I have heard their conversations regarding their friends, their teachers, their upcoming ball games, etc. But that did not happen yesterday! They simply loaded up and left. (we had a brief hug and our daily prayer of blessing) Throughout the day, I experienced excitement (especially for my youngest- her first day of High School) and then depression. My daughters, those little girls who used to sit on the sofa with Daddy, who use to run to my arms when they got a boo- boo playing in the driveway, they.....they....they just didn't NEED me anymore! As they entered our home last evening, I hung on every word about their day. Tell me more.... Tell me more. I wanted to know every detail. Talk to me.....no don't go up to your room and get on the IPad. Stay here a little longer....talk to me....share your life with me. How did you like your teachers? What friends are in your classes? Who did you eat lunch with?

In this moment of almost desperation, I realized that is how OUR FATHER feels. The old southern Gospel song says it this way, "Now let us have a little talk with Jesus, Let us tell HIM all about our troubles, He will hear our fainted cry and He will answer by and by." Jesus desperately desires to hear the smallest details. He wants a relationship. He wants to be included and yes HE wants so badly to be NEEDED! We rush through our days, drive too fast, text instead of talking (to save time and carry on multiple conversations at the same time) and multi-task our way through an overcrowded day. Maybe, just maybe, we return thanks before our lunch meal. Where is our Father in our busyness? Do we still NEED HIM? (my answer: MORE than ever!)

As you go through your day, stop for a minute or two and "Have a little talk with Jesus." He's worth the time.