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Thanksgiving Top 10

Each year, our family notes our top 10 things we are thankful for. Some are more serious than others, but all have a value in our lives. Here is the 2014 version: I am THANKFUL for:

1. Work- an opportunity to earn a living to support my family.

2. Scenes of fall- just passed peak seasons of leaves changing, but this year was especially beautiful or maybe I am just noticing things more as I age.

3. SEC football- there just isn't anything like it! SATURDAYS IN THE SOUTH! The SEC network and Paul Finebaum, enough said.

4. 6 generations of faith- at least 6, that's what I can trace. Over 100 years of ministry in my family. What a blessed heritage.

5. YOU Version Bible App- I still love my Bible (paper version). I love to turn and feel the thin pages, highlight and write notes in the book, but the  You version has given me prepared plans to read with commentaries from great leaders. The YOU version is priceless in my life now and our family has the tremendous blessing of choosing a reading plan that applies to each life at the appropriate age.

6. An Incredibly HOT wife- She loves the Lord, is a great mother and tolerates me. I call her my "Godly Hottie."

7. A community of peace- There are pro's and cons with any city, but I believe we have great community relations in Cleveland, TN

8. Eyes to see and Ears to hear- No earthly pleasure is greater to me than to WATCH my girls compete in sports and HEAR their laughter.

9. USA- Far from perfect, but still the envy of every other nation of the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

10. All those who like us, love us and pray for us. We have the blessing of a great family and wonderful friends.

Today, we will gather with loved ones and take part in a meal, catch up on the past year and maybe watch a parade or football game. I hope you will take a moment, reflect and maybe even write down your top 10. Thank you for the part each of you play in our lives. Whether we are directly connected or just an online visit or social media follower, God bless you.