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Confession: I don't know how to parent...

Well, she's 15 today and I'm a basket case! My daughter who just yesterday could lay down and nap on top of my chest is now a beautiful young lady. She is wonderful and talented. She loves Jesus and I couldn't ask for more. It seems last week that I could feel her tiny little heart beating against my chest and I could hold her in one hand. 15!!!! Now what? If you are a parent, maybe you have experienced this same helpless feeling of "how do I do this?" It's been said that, "there is no manual for parenting" and yes I am guilty of having all the answers BEFORE I had my own children. The truth is, all we can do is simply TRY our BEST and TRUST HIM the MOST. I don't have any answers, but here are 3 parenting suggestions:

1. PRAY for Wisdom and Guidance. TRUST God's inspiration for the answers to the questions. ASK the MASTER.

2. PRAY for Patience. DO NOT act in haste. A deliberate strategy may produce the desired outcome with your children.

3. PRAY for Passion. Ask God to give your children an area that they are passionate about. That passion may occupy the mind, therefore eliminating the time to get into things they shouldn't.

While these 3 suggestions are simple, parenting is NOT! I pray your children are rooted in the love of Christ Jesus and that they (Mine included) somehow understand how imperfect we are as parents. (Imperfect yes, but trying our very best to show them the way) I ask for you to pray for Stephanie and myself and we will do the same for you.