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My Special Sister

It was 15 years ago today. Keri Marcel Hughes' life was celebrated at our church. We had a time of reflection and a time of worship as we imagined her seeing her beloved savior face to face. Oh, how she loved Jesus. No one loved Church more than Keri. If the doors were open and she was able, she was in Church. (bible in hand) From the time she was born, she had physical challenges and the medications used to attempt to control the epilepsy took portions of her mind. BUT nothing could ever take her HEART. She was the greatest lover of people I have ever witnessed. Her smile was infectious and just watching her function each day in spite of her limitations was amazing. Seldom was she able to attend my games, but I remember those special times she would greet me at the door after a win. She had listened on the radio and knew the outcome. Her approval of my play was on the same level as I sought from my coaches, teammates or parents. There's something special about special children. Words cannot explain it, but those with special ones understand.

15 years later, I tearfully write these words just to pay tribute to the greatest winner I have ever known. Keri's victories were greater than anything I could ever accomplish. Today, her handwriting is perfect, her voice is beautiful and on key as she sings her worship songs and her physical body is made perfect. She is probably working a mean crossword puzzle or playing some angel in checkers. (the things she loved) Whatever she is doing, she is competing to her best ability and has a huge smile on her face. She fits right in among all the other angels.