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You Are God's Masterpiece

How to Talk To Yourself...

We all do it. Some do it more than others, but we all talk to ourselves. Second guessing, name calling and the occasional self encouragement are just a few of the ways we have this ongoing conversation with........ well...... ourselves. One of my recent conversations went like this....."Richie, you Idiot." Now, I don't really believe I am an Idiot, but when you hit your tee ball in the woods at the golf course, it's either "Idiot" or something much worse. Being that I refrain from profanity, "Idiot" seemed appropriate. I read a powerful sentence today that "spoke" to me. (see talking to myself again) This sentence simply said, "When you talk to yourself, say nice things." As you go through today, remember to encourage yourself. BUILD up rather than BEAT up and I am referring to yourself. You are God's Masterpiece and HE sees you as just that. How do you see yourself? Half the battle may be won by saying NICE things to yourself.