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Competing with Class

Hi, my name is Richie and I'm an "OVERLY COMPETITIVE AHOLIC." There, I said it and admit it. Quite frankly, I'm not ashamed. After all, doesn't the Bible say to "run the race to win the prize?" Last Friday night, I witnessed an incredible event in our community. The BRADLEY/ CLEVELAND High School football game is one of the year's best events and has been for many, many decades. This year was no exception as the game's outcome was holding in the balance until the final minute as the Blue Raiders blocked a PAT after the Bears scored on a long TD pass. The final score: 21-20. (can't get any closer) Multiplied thousands attended and were truly entertained by young men on both sides giving all they had and playing their hearts out for their respective fans and schools.  To see this type of fierce rivalry take place with little or no incidents is a true testimony to the CLASS of our COMMUNITY. Please understand, in this community you must choose one or the other. (we actually have 3 great schools now, recently adding Walker Valley HS in the past 10 years) There is no love lost. For a time period during my High School career, (19--  - 19-- none of your business) Bradley and Cleveland stopped the annual football game due to excessive, uncontrollable violence! History tells us that many championships are determined by the winner of this game. True rivalries can only continue to be rivalries if both teams have a chance to win each year. Any type of one sided, long term dominance kills a rivalry. The Bradley/ Cleveland game is most always a pretty even match up and the "county trophy" goes back and forth, never staying at one school for any great length of time.

So at least until basketball season, where we will all do it again- probably 3-4 times counting the district, region and even state playoffs, CHS has bragging rights. Me? I attended Bradley and love the Bears. While my team lost this time, my reflections are on how the players reacted with the utmost of class the entire night. (no taunting each other or the crowd), how most of the fans supported their team with spirit, but weren't overly obnoxious as some can be and how 7-8000 of us filed out of the same gate to our cars in the same parking lots without major incident. Kudos to our school superintendents, principals and coaches. You all COMPETED WITH CLASS. Dadgum, that blocked kick!