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I'm under Twitter Attack

Those that follow me on twitter know that I normally attempt to post something encouraging. Most often my posts involve some sort of reference to my passion and love for Christ. Sunday I happened to be outside for an hour or so and it was an amazingly beautiful day thus I tweeted: "Get outside and tell me how anyone could believe in evolution. Only an Omnipotent God could create a day like this. #thankful" My intentions were to say thanks to an awesome God for blessing us with a near perfect day. Wow! I started a firestorm of attacks. I'm not a twitter expert and have never searched for topics or key words, but evidently a lot of people do. I began to receive replies from several people with the hashtag #atheism. I will not repeat, but as you can imagine, they were not exactly a standing ovation of my tweet. While I don't waste my time replying to negativity, it wasn't even my intention to criticize evolutionists. So I write these next words to both groups of people - Christians and Non- Christians.

What you believe or don't believe is certainly your business. My book "Start Here, Go Anywhere" is all about "Choices." What I know to be true about my God is not debatable. It is not a Theory or Scientific analysis. FACT: I KNOW whom I have believed and am persuaded that HE IS ABLE. I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ALL things work together for the good of them that love the Lord.  And finally, In the beginning GOD CREATED the Heavens and The Earth. - Source: The Bible

I refuse to back down or believe that my beautiful wife and daughters EVOLVED from a Monkey. No monkeys have EVER looked like they do. (I have been accused of evolving or possibly even still being a form of a Donkey). Anyway, God bless all of you.