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Do The RIGHT thing...

The Story Imagine yourself as a young leader who sees a better way to operate in your organization. When you ask the big question “Why” the answer is “that’s how we have always done it.” Most of you just said, “That’s ME!!” You have looked at a process or system and you are confident you have a better way of doing it. If you are like me, you research it, study others and their operational process and make your Pros and Cons list. Then maybe, just maybe…. you muster up the “guts” to tell your leader “we can do this more efficiently and here is how.”

Upon becoming CEO and Executive Pastor of a large Mega Church with a successful Television Ministry, I was faced with this challenge: The TV ministry was doing well (not broken) but I saw how we could make it better immediately.  Our delivery time on resources to viewers was like all other TV offers: “Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.” We processed all orders by hand, in house with our church members who were paid on salary and full benefits. The process worked fine, it was just slow. After some research, I discovered that we could outsource the fulfillment of orders and have customer delivery in 4-5 days! This efficiency would encourage our partners to order more and further their support for our ministry. As I mentioned, I researched it, called everyone I could talk to about the way they did fulfillment and made my list. The pros and cons list looked like this:


*Customers receive products in 4-5 days not 4-6 weeks

*Outsourcing would save us $163,000 the first year in salaries, benefits, etc.

*Timely processing would increase further support from the partners generating a larger budget to     purchase even more airtime for the ministry



*5 wonderful people lose their jobs

*Risk breaking a system that was working just fine--- in my first few months on the job?

*Trusting an outside agency in another state instead of walking down the hall to check on the operation taking place live in house (easily monitored)


The other challenge that haunted me was that one of the 5 employees that would be terminated was a dear friend of our family and her Father was on the Board of Directors for the ministry. Yes, I am crazy!!! I was considering firing one of the Board member’s daughters!


Upon realizing that this was what I believed to be the RIGHT THING to do, some wise council advised me that I may be firing myself. “You don’t break things that aren’t broken and you NEVER fire a Board member’s daughter” they told me. The only problem was I knew what was RIGHT and every tithe paying member trusted us with their finances. How could we explain slower, less efficient customer service at a price of over $163,000 more annually?


We pulled the trigger and went for it. We stepped out on faith and presented this to our Board of Directors. With fear and trembling, I presented all of the details, due diligence and support information. Upon finishing, I awaited the hard questions and privately wondered if I had just committed professional suicide. While I am presenting some of my anxieties with this issue, I had earnestly sought the Lord and felt confident in my spirit that HE had my back. After a very short Q and A session, the Board voted unanimously to proceed with the plan. Yes, unanimously! That means that a Father had to vote for his daughter to be unemployed.


The Takeaway

We learned a huge leadership lesson that day! Andy Stanley says, “Choose the HARD right over the EASY wrong.” When facing challenging issues, most often we know what the right thing to do is. Often times, we just don’t have the courage to do it. We operate in fear of losing our own status, job or being criticized for taking a risk. This example goes to show that doing the RIGHT THING will garner more support than expected from sources that are sometimes surprises.


The Challenge

What are you afraid to do that you know is the RIGHT THING to do? Who are you afraid to cross? What relationship do you fear you will lose by taking action? Ultimately, the question is who are you trying to please???? DO THE RIGHT THING and let God take care of the details.