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You Are God's Masterpiece

America- 2013 version


Memorial Day Weekend- One of my favorite times of the year. We gather with family, camp out, cook out and get outdoors. The weather forecast in my city is great. (82 degrees and sunny) But, we MUST remember who we are memorializing. With American flags decorating my home and business, I cannot seem to get enough of the "wounded warriors" ads on Fox News. The touching stories of those who, unlike myself, fought to defend this FREEDOM my family enjoys daily. We cannot take it for granted!

In a time where America is moving further away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is incumbent on us to defend the faith more than ever. In doing this, we MUST do so in a way that reflects the LOVE of Jesus, rather than the HATE of other groups who kill in the name of their God. Jesus loves us all and is "no respecter of person." The Bible does not say Jesus only loves those who love Him, those who follow Him. Jesus loves all people......ALL Americans.

In an America where we seem to be declining in every moral category, let's be reminded of the wonderful freedoms we still possess. Celebrate the opportunity to worship freely in  the Church of our choice. Rather than complaining about the battles we as Christians seem to be losing on moral issues, let's continue to equip our families and churches with the way of the WORD. The "wounded warriors" remind us this weekend of the price that was paid. Let's focus on their sacrifices and enjoy the wonderful benefits that so many have provided us in the 2013 version of the USA, USA, USA!!! God bless America!! USA, USA, USA.........