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You Are God's Masterpiece

How can I trust in God?

Over the past week, once again I have been reminded how hard trusting can be for us when life and loss just don't make sense. How can a God fearing, church going  husband and wife drop off an infant and go to work (both teaching our children) and never see their 4 month old take another breath? How can a young lady from a great family die on the table while receiving what was thought to be a life giving kidney transplant? How can  a Grandfather fall asleep at the wheel and never make it to his earthly destination? Yes, this is the week we are having in real life and most of you can say, "I've been there." The answer? We will never know. My readers know by now that I get pretty real with God, even have had my times when I admittedly was mad at the Almighty and Sovereign giver of Grace. Most of you know that I lost a younger brother and sister over a short 4 year span. AIDS... REALLY GOD? We all have MAJOR questions, don't we! While I may appear to be writing in question or frustration today, I assure you that at this stage of life I am not. I only pose these questions and exhibit this frustration because I know where so many of you are today...... right now.

The truth is... you will never know the answers. As I have said before, it is not our job to UNDERSTAND, but instead it is our job to TRUST. Understanding will never come, but "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own UNDERSTANDING."- Prov. 3:5 When we view life through Job's lenses, don't forget that Job received double from everything he lost. My prayer for all of you, regardless of your situation is that the Sovereign ONE God would bless you with double. Until that day, may he give you Peace, Strength and Encouragement.

**Excerpts taken from my book: Start Here, Go Anywhere (Chapter 12)