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2012's biggest lesson

In looking back over the past year, I have learned a most critical lesson. This will seem simple to most, but look deep into this thought:


Ok, why is this hard for me? My background in Athletics has always been about WINNING. Do What it takes to Win!! While that drive has brought me tremendous success as an athlete and a coach, I am finding more and more in ministry, business and especially with my children that the RIGHT THING is not always the easy thing. To clarify, in basketball if you scored on me, I felt compelled to score immediately on you- I had to get you back and don't think for a minute you would get to the basket without a hard foul from me.

In sports, I loved to press, blitz or do whatever I could to CRUSH the spirit of my opponent. So how do we handle situations where people do WRONG in business or to my wife or children. (Has anyone ever said, "Don't mess with my kids!") You see it is extremely difficult to not desire to GET THEM BACK when we are done WRONG. The past few years have brought incredible examples of our family attempting to DO WHAT IS RIGHT rather thatn WHAT WE WANTED TO DO or even WHAT WE FELT OTHERS DESERVED. My frustrations at people who do business dishonestly, take advantage of us or are simply MEAN SPIRITED or Ill Intentioned to my children weigh heavy on me especially at night. (anybody ever been there???) While I am a long way from an A student in this subject, we as a family are trying very hard and getting better.

Reflecting back on those CHOICES to DO WHAT IS RIGHT, we have seen God do the most amazing things for us. Agree or Disagree, but I believe God is a rewarder of faithfulness and kindness. So much of the success we as a family are experiencing now came as a result of NOT GETTING SOMEONE BACK. I believe the RIGHT THING prevails and remember FAVOR ISN'T FAIR! I'll take the favor and rewards of the Creator over the approval of those who Create messes here on Earth.

This year make a note to CHOOSE kindness over REVENGE and watch my God do the AMAZING in your life!