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You Are God's Masterpiece

Life's Hurdles...

I have had 2 conversations early this morning with people who are facing hurdles in their lives. Upon the realization that I too face hurdles constantly, I take great consolation in this:

1. I am not unique in facing these hurdles. We all do!

2. Hurdles are not going away! As soon as we clear one, we race toward the next one.

3. Only when we meet Jesus face to face will the last hurdle be cleared.

It is my belief that we all face constant challenges in order to stay in constant communion with God. If there were no hurdles or challenges, we as imperfect human beings would do it all ourselves thus eliminating the need for a Savior. As we enjoy this day, the journey and yes even the hurdles, let's be confident in the ONE who began a good work in us. Our faith in the Father will not return void! Lace up the shoes a little tighter and let's go!