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Chick-Fil-A and Olympic Gold

It has been one week since Christians lined up and waited unusually long for a chicken sandwich. Not really. I don't know of anyone that would wait that long simply for a sandwich. I have followed this call to action closely and have come to the following conclusions:

1. America is still America and our people exercise our first amendment rights. (for or against a specific cause)

2. Chick Fil A founders and Amazon.com CEO's have every right to support any group they choose.

3. Consumers have a right to support or not any company or organization they choose. (spend your $ where you want)

4. Tolerance should work both ways, not just to accomodate one's specific beliefs.

My family and I ate at ChickFilA twice last Wednesday because I wanted our children to see that it is important to stand up for what we as a family believe. We believe in Biblical principles and the rights of business owners to have their own freedom of speech. While we ate at ChickFilA twice last Wednesday and again since that time, we also visited and enjoyed DisneyWorld in Florida and ordered products from Amazon.com as well. We do not necessarily boycott businesses or organizations for contributions to groups that we may disagree with. I would hope that both sides of the same sex issue would learn that this is still America.

The Olympics have captivated my evenings of late and I still experience tears and a certain stirring inside when one of our athletes stands on the podium to recieve a medal. The Star Spangled Banner gives me chills and I exude pride in our country. I celebrate Gold with Michael Phelps, US Gymnastics Fab Five, an all USA final in Women's Beach Volleyball and I ache with Lolo Jones who finished 4th in a race placing her just out of medal contention. The Olympics athletes all stand for different things. Many profess their faith in Jesus Christ, while others may not even believe at all. We still cheer for the Red, White and Blue.

While we are not perfect (no one is) it is my hope that we realize that America is still the envy of every other country out there! People die almost daily trying to cross our borders to a new life of hope that we have been given simply through our birth certificate. With lines of people trying to get in to America, I ask this question: Where is the line of those unhappy with America trying to get out? It doesn't exist! So, support the causes and businesses you want to and stop the vandalism, protests and threats. It's America, "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT."