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Great Start?? How are you doing?

Well everyone is back in school and at work. One of my staff said something interesting today. This person was "glad the holidays are over and all is back to normal. I like normal" she said. This thought from a wonderful person puzzled me a bit. What exactly is "normal?" In my opinion, we are blessed and given the opportunity to experience the EXTRAORDINARY! So the question is: How have you STARTED 2012? In my earlier post, I expressed my one word resolution for this year= JOY. I have attempted to feel more, express more and spread more JOY than ever before. My self evaluation so far........ probably about a 6 or 7 out of 10. (gotta do better) The best part of making my GOAL (JOY) public is my family and friends constantly remind me of my declaration. When I am cut off in traffic, my wife says "JOY." When I get tense about something in business or ministry, one of my girls will simply say "JOY Dad!" Have you shared your Goals with your family? Accountability is a great thing!

What about you? Are you succeeding in your Goals or simply your "GOAL" singular tense? Don't be "NORMAL" let's all be "EXTRAORDINARY." 2012: the best year yet! "Start HERE, Go ANYWHERE!"