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2012 -What now???

  Many of you are asking just that. What will 2012 hold for you, your family, business, church, etc.? For me, after hearing the great  Christmas message and understanding the longest of long shots of Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, I am encouraged more than ever! I  have spent the past 5 months preaching, teaching and explaining my thoughts on our "CHOICES." The main 2 thoughts lately:

1. Our choices control our circumstances.

2. Our choices determine our destiny.

So, What "choices" will you make in 2012?

Interestingly enough, I continue to trust that nothing I do or am a part of surprises God. I wish I could please him more, but when I  get cut off in traffic, I am quite sure HE wishes I had a different reaction. I know HE wishes that I could like some folks who are difficult for  me. (I still love those in Christ) While I have a long way to go, I know that God is in total control of the end and the final outcome. We  all take some detours, but I trust the God who "stretched the North over empty space and hung the Earth on nothing." Job 26:7 Really? Have you ever thought about that verse?

In the end 2012 will be a great year in many ways and I pray that you celebrate, experience and spread great JOY to all with whom you are in contact with. I wish you great success.

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