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My Word for 2012 is ______?

New Year's Resolutions....No I haven't skipped the greatest holiday of all - Christmas. I will celebrate the gift of Jesus to the world and be especially grateful this year because of my prayer focus for 2012. As many of you know, I have reduced my resolutions to more of a singular focus into ONE WORD. When I was coaching HS basketball, we would always have a ONE word focus for each game. Maybe it was: Rebound, Defend or Compete. I always felt we could achieve more by focusing on one thought. In my life, I have adopted the same principle in place of New Year's Resolutions. Examples of the past have included: Wisdom, Kindness and of course most recently "choices" (wrote a book about it, maybe you've heard). So when I pray daily, I aspire to focus on the word. "God give me Wisdom OR Help me to exhibit Kindness to others OR Allow me to make good Choices." For many years this has been an important part of who I aspire to be.

For 2012, I am seriously considering the word JOY. You see last night as I arrived at the Target shopping center, I observed frustrations in the parking lot, people competing for a good spot, anger in the store, impatient people in the check out line and it occurred to me, isn't this the time of year to be JOYFUL? Psalm 16 "In His presence is fullness of JOY." Life has its challenges, but we all have so much to be thankful for. Maybe my word for daily prayer next year will be "Lord, grant me and those around me great JOY." How about you, GOT JOY?

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