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I'm Crying Today

The older I get the more sentimental I get. Can anybody relate? It's 8:30 and I have spent the better part of the morning reflecting with tears in my eyes. Per my normal routine, I hit the ground running on Mondays. I look forward to each new week and the opportunities God provides, but a good friend tweeted the words to the old Hymn "Jesus is Precious" this morning and well you know how it is, that's all I can hear in my head now. (What a wonderful thought!) The next couple hours have unfolded this way just like God has orchestrated a "Hey Rich, wake up, slow down and look around at this incredible life I give you. Are you missing it?" 1. I took my kids to school. (watched my 7th grader cover up one of her very 1st blemishes with make up. MAKE UP!!!) That's my little girl!!!- Not little anymore. (cried) 2. My 5th grader wore sweats and Ugg boots to school. Significant because that attire is against dress code next year as she enters middle school. I encouraged my wife to let her wear these clothes with these boots as time is short for her ability to do that in the future. (teared up again) 3. As I dropped my oldest off at school, I looked at the empty back seat. (both girls at school) Prayers of protection over them and their school. (tears) 4. I looked at my wife of 17 yrs. in the passenger seat and just for a moment, I saw the girl I married all those years ago. (hair in ponytail, the smile that I have always loved and all of the things (memories) of what attracted me to her from the beginning. (reflections of thanks- more tears) How fortunate a man I am. 5. So, I get to my office with more than a full plate and find it somewhat, let's say "rearranged." You see at one of our hotels, my office is a play place on Sundays for my children. I found markers all over the place with the computer moved around and paper notes everywhere. "Ticked off" at the disorderly office? NO, Tearfully, I gave thanks that they were still in our care and that I had them to make the messes they create at home, in the car and even in my office. (blurred vision from too many tears)

So today I write to remind myself and you what we have in our children. Yes, mine fight with each other far too much, we provide as much of a taxi service as we do a parent service sometimes and let's face it, it can be expensive this time of year (really anytime of year) feeding, clothing and providing for their needs.

Wow! Thank you Lord for the most incredible blessing possible and please slow things down so we can enjoy our kids more. Take a moment to thank HIM today.