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11 observations for today

11.11.11 seems like my perfect day. I wore the no. 11 in High School and College. My daughter (who played last night for her 3-0 OMS Colts) wears no. 11.So, it is safe to say, 11 is my favorite no.

1. Family first and above all else on Earth after my Faith in the Creator. (BTW, my wife is an 11 on the 1-10 scale) 2. I have found it easier to Love some people in Christ than to actually "like" them. I'm also aware of those that don't "like" me. I pray for you, please do the same for me. 3. I appreciate the Veteran's and those who serve and protect us more each day. To those of you who have lost loved ones to service, God bless you! 4. I love the NBA, but I may "lock" you guys out of my house and TV if you don't get a deal done soon. 5. I'm grateful for those who have supported my book. It's been amazing how God has opened doors through a 150 pg. paperback. "Start Here, Go Anywhere." 6. I struggle to eat healthy! I love food that is not good for me, but I do enjoy running and hopefully keeping some lbs. off that way? 7. As I have said all week, Penn St. officials know more than we do and unfortunately this story will be much worse than we know. God help those families who were abused. 8. My golf game: NO practice + NO playing = NO game! 9. Are UNC and MSU really playing on an aircraft carrier tonight? What a creative idea to promote Veterans Day and NCAA hoops. (NBA: Are you paying attention?) 10. My passion for lost and hurting souls has made me more emotional each day I live. I seem to tear up over most anything lately. I hope to help more people in need. 11. I can't breathe a breath without recognizing how good God is. His Grace and Mercy are beyond my comprehension. Thank you Lord for forgiving me and loving me.

Anybody want to add to this list, please comment here....