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What is "Family Friendly?"

Saturday we took my 2 daughters (10 and 12 yrs) to Six Flags over GA. We had been anticipating this day since March. You see my 10 yr. old chose to take one friend to Six Flags for her b'day instead of a group of friends for a sleep over. That was her b'day wish in March. She waited 6 months for us to work in this trip due to our work/ travel schedule. Upon arrival, here is what we experienced: 1. For the first hour ALL of the main rides were closed down. (Batman, Goliath, Dare Devil Dive, etc) We walked throughout the park "thrill seeking" only to be disappointed time and time again. Slowly as the day wore on the rides began to open. Of course the crowds were huge by then defeating the whole get there when it opens for short lines philosophy.

2 We stood in line for 2:20 minutes for Dare Devil Dive as it literally broke down 3 times for "minor technical difficulties."  We were encouraged to continue to wait repeatedly. Determined to ride this for the first time, we endured.

3. The most disturbing thing I witnessed was the Flat Screen TV's that were placed throughout the park. Every ride had numerous TV's for our viewing "pleasure" that were stationed throughout the area of waiting. At first glance, I was excited. After all, it's Saturday in the south, that means "Gameday" and College football right? Sadly, my 10 and 12 yr, old and friends were exposed to filth by means of MTV videos so suggestive and foul that a movie with this content would have received an "R" rating.

Ok, so I am venting a bit, but what happened to my beloved Six Flags? The place where ALL kids could go for a day of fun without parents having to explain why a near Porno movie was being shown repeatedly to not only my young ones, but thousands of others and this goes on everyday? Since when is "PitBull" the rapper good, wholesome, "Family" entertainment? Not only is the music on the videos hard core sexuality, numerous references and actual stagings of underage alcohol drinking takes place and if you google these artists, you will see incredible amounts of drug references. Try Pitbull's song "Be Quiet." (glorifying Cocaine while calling the female he is with B***h)

Really? I'm supposed to stand by and allow my young girls to see this behavior as not only acceptable, but cool? (not only "cool" but "Family Friendly?") I'm sorry, but I feel that Six Flags owes ALL park attenders a huge apology!!!!! Six Flags owes my 10 yr old a HUGE apology for a horrendous experience in inefficiency (not prepared to open on a Saturday, unbelievable) and seriously offensive material broadcast on big screens throughout.

I'm not the "boycott" type, but I will NOT return to Six Flags without doing some serious research into these types of issues. I have always loved Six Flags, my wife grew up with a season pass and my children would rather go to Six Flags than anywhere, but as a parent, I cannot support this type of operation.

Am I just getting old or could anyone else feel this way??