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An Irritating Witness?

While sitting on the plane today, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation behind me. The conversation was initiated by a 61 yr. old man talking to a younger man. I know he is 61 because this was just one of the many details he explained to his seat partner. I learned where he works, how long he has been married, his thoughts on every sport from football to ping pong, his work career of 38 years and on it goes. I was a little irritated and felt that possibly the gentleman next to him may be as well. After all, it was a 2 hour flight and many were sleeping. My irritation quickly became conviction when this guy who I was wishing would be quiet quickly turned the conversation to his faith. He explained how blessed he was and how it really didn't matter how intelligent we are or how high we climb on the corporate ladder. This guy continued to share Christ with a somewhat receptive ear given from his seat partner.

I was convicted because I used my two hours to read. Yes, I read a ministry book and probably am better for it, but this guy shared Christ!! He aggressively discussed every subject possible to gain the opportunity to share Christ with his neighbor. You see, I believe this was his strategy. God help me to be more aggressive and maybe I should care less about what others around me think. Maybe we should all look for opportunities to witness to strangers by earning their trust through regular discussions.

Lord help us!