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Who is really in ministry?

Like most of you, I have read the recent announcements of large churches having Pastors step down to pursue other "callings and broader audiences." Francis Chan and Rob Bell come to mind. I happen to be a fan of both in many ways. I believe that God has used many of these Pastors to lead people to Christ and grow them in Christ. I love Shaun Lovejoy's recent blog on this subject of stepping down as the "Leader" of his church, but not resigning as the lead Pastor. (intent is to let Christ alone be the Leader) I am challenged by Shaun's approach in my ministry, business and even in my own house. Yes, I am called to be the Priest of my home and "as for me and my house....." But I want to reach a "broader audience" and truly allow "Christ to be the Leader" in all that I do. I am excited about what God is doing in the body of Christ and pray that all of us will reach out to the less fortunate and ultimately the lost, rather than worry about books, statements or misunderstood resignations from mega churches. I am quite sure we can all make better use of our time. God help me to serve you better, more efficiently and to be more productive than ever before. Allow my time to be spent reaching people and reading less "commentaries" on others who are already believers.

So who is really in ministry? Aren't we all? Let's gooooooooo!


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