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Awesome Effort!


My 10 year old daughter came home Friday with her first 6 week report card. Being an Educator for so many years, I understand the importance of starting well in school, so this initial report would prove to be very telling. Anxiously she handed it to me and ........anxiously I reached for it. What happened next changed the way I looked at the report card and may well do that from now on.

At the top of the sheet was the computer generated list of academic subjects, attendance report, and overall score for the specific subjects. (Math, Language Arts, Science, etc.) Interestingly enough that is NOT where my eyes went upon first glance. You see the teacher had a hand written note at the bottom. I immediately went to that space on the page. My daughter's 5th grade teacher wrote these 2 words that literally made me want to jump through the roof. "AWESOME EFFORT" When I saw that my 10 year old's teacher expressed that my daughter had given an AWESOME EFFORT, the scores at the top did not quite mean as much to me.

As a Father, to realize that my child had done her best thrilled me beyond words! I grabbed her, held her, threw countless compliments her way and began to think of the many ways I wanted to reward her for the "Awesome Effort."

Many of us struggle with our walk and example for Christ, but one thing I aspire to do daily: Give HIM an Awesome Effort! I may fail sometimes and we all know no one is perfect, but isn't that what it is all about? I challenge you to "JUST TRY" today to be the absolute best you can be for HIM. Give HIM your best. I believe when you do that God looks down wanting to grab us, hold us, throw countless compliments our way and think of the many ways HE wants to Reward us for giving HIM an Awesome Effort.

My Pride as a Father can't help but inform you that my girl did make straight A's!!! But when I think about her giving her best I get a little teary eyed. That's what a Father does.