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Is your WORSHIP stale?


Reflect back to that moment when you first realized the magnitude of what Jesus really did for us. Think about HIM and how you felt when He forgave your  sins. That moment when you submitted your life to HIM, surrendered your heart and made a commitment to follow Jesus. Fast forward to now......has the  passion faded at all? Do you still get chills and goosebumps when praising the King?

Repetition can sometimes cause us to get stale. Maybe your routine has become .....well, routine. Probably like many of you, I read my Bible, journal my  thoughts, exercise and begin my day at work. Like most of you, I feel I have a full plate. Sundays come and we do Sunday School and either attend or speak at some great churches. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Well, here is what I find too often, the routine makes one stale.

We must earnestly seek Jesus in order to stay fresh. Church was great yesterday and we had a time of worship and the word, but that is not enough for me. This morning, I attended the "Church of the Pavement." My God was very present while I ran the road today. IPod blasting praise music in my ears and praise from my mouth, not caring who might hear me. (I think it is called a "joyful NOISE") Anyway, my point is, there is no way I'm going to worship one day a week! I simply can't make it with what I do, without my daily visit from my savior! How about you?

Bill Hybels (Willow Creek Church, Chicago) wrote a book called, "Too Busy Not to Pray." I love the book and the phrase and I'll go one step forward into maybe we should all be "Too Busy Not to PRAISE." Praise always come first and will cure the disease of staleness. Try adding more praise to your day, week, etc.

May God bless your week!