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4 Things I have learned this week

This week has been interesting with the responses coming in from our appearances on TBN, Channel 5, radio, our booksigning at Lifeway, etc.Here is what I have learned from your responses: 1. Everyone has challenges. Mine are different than yours, but no one lives a life exempt from hurdles and curveballs. 2. Most people are very private with their struggles. That's ok, I'm that way. However I do feel that seeking prayer and help from those we trust is a good thing. 3. Word of mouth is the best promotion over any form of media. I love the TV, radio, newspaper, etc. but I really appreciate kind words of encouragement expressing how the book is blessing people individually. 4. God is doing something special right now. I see encouragement from so many who may have felt depressed before. This is a major area of prayer for me. I pray for people to be victorious over depression and have positive self esteem more than anything else right now. It's a battle you will WIN!!!!

Remember ONE CHOICE can cancel a lifetime of poor choices. CHOOSE WISELY!