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Want more productivity? New blog post

Yesterday I had meetings up in Knoxville area. I thought it would be a good idea to take my family and go from my meetings to Dollywood park. Finally, I was actually right about something! We had a blast between roller coasters and water rides, but a funny thing happened on the way home. My daughter asked this question: "Daddy, how many jobs to you have?" Well, in processing that, my wife and I began to count how many things that we were involved in and were somewhat amazed that God has given us the time and opportunities that only He can provide. I want to share this with those of you who want to be more productive and seek the favor of the Savior on each day. I open most prayers and journal postings with this 6 'P" word prayer: Lord today, 1. I will PRAISE you. EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY should begin with PRAISE! PRAISE comes 1st!! The praisers always lead the armies into battle in Bible days. I can't "START" anything before I PRAISE HIM.

2. I ask for PEACE. Lord, in all I do may I experience your peace that exceeds my understanding. May I serve as a PEACE maker in all I do today and grant me peace in my marriage and with my family. God bless our country and our community with PEACE.

3. Lord, Please PROTECT my incredible wife and wonderful children, my parents and in-laws, all of my extended family and friends. May Angels guard us and keep us safe from all harm, danger, sickness and disease.

4. I seek your PROMOTION. Lord, expand my ministry and business. Enlarge MY territory today in Jesus name. Let me meet new people of common mind that we may share our platforms to expand your Kingdom.

5. Lord, PROSPER us. Father in all I do, may you provide more than enough to EXCEED every need. Thank you that I shall not want and that I am blessed beyond measure, not for excess or extravagance, but I am blessed to be a blessing to others.

6. Make me PRODUCTIVE! "Lord, teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom." Let me make the MOST of today in all aspects of what I do in ministry, business as a husband, father and friend. I claim back the lost time I have wasted or that has been stolen and Lord let the Sun stand still on the successes of today.

Lastly, I close with MORE PRAISE!! We can never PRAISE HIM enough. After this prayer, I am usually good to go for an amazingly productive day. My prayer is the same for you. LET"S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!