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5 things I am especially grateful for

Andre Crouch said it this way, "How could I say thanks for the things YOU have done for me? Things so undeserved, yet YOU gave to prove your love for me. The voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude, all that I am and ever hope to be. I owe it all to thee! To God be the Glory!" As we ride this rollercoaster of life with it's ups and downs, let us be quick to remember the blessings of our Savior. Today as I "tweet" number 1000 through this blog, here are just a few things I am especially grateful for:

1. Grace- Few people need it like me. I have the ability to be many things that are deplorable to God, yet HE always forgives, takes me as I am and even Blesses me through my blunders. What an honor to serve the KING! I am passionate about ministry and the local church. Anybody thankful for Grace?

2. My wife and family- Have you seen my wife? Ok, I have asked for forgiveness for the lies I told her to hook her into marriage! I'm not really the secret millionaire..... She is simply put, a "Godly Hottie." To know more about her, you will have to read my book. She is amazingly brilliant, talented, on and on and What a worshipper!

My children rock! My 12 yr. old still allows us to be a part of her life and my 10 yr. old may succeed Pres. Obama and run the country. The fact that both my girls are ballers and gifted musically is a dream come true. What a joy and blessing beautiful, healthy children are. Have you thanked the Lord for yours today and spoken a blessing over them?

3. My Heritage- Raised in a Christian home by wonderful parents. Though I am the oldest of 3 children and the only one remaining, (brother passed at 28 and sister 32) my family has never forsaken the faith.  (details in "Start Here, Go Anywhere")

4. Each of you- Thank you for allowing me into your lives in a small way. I pray you are blessed and HIGHLY FAVORED in the Lord.

5. Music and Sports- My most intimate times of worship  almost always occur during worship music. I wish I was better developed musically because I have a true desire to lead others into worship. I admire my friends who do that so well. And what can I say about sports? I love to compete and/or watch great athletes. Basketball of course is my favorite. NBA athletes are the greatest- My opinion, but I love all sports!

As God continues to open doors for our ministry to preach, teach, write and coach, will you pray for me/ us that the Creator will grant Creativity, Inspiration and most importantly Anointing on all we do for the Kingdom? We sincerely want and NEED your prayers. Of course, you can count on us to return the favor. (A friend sticketh closer than a brother)

Thank you again and God bless ALL you do for HIM.