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You Are God's Masterpiece

Is that you GOD? Decision time: How do we know it's God speaking and not us?

You clicked on this because of the title. I'm not qualified to write on this subject other than my own personal experience. BUT, through the process of many "beat-downs" I am learning how to understand God's will for my life and certain situations. If you are like me, you may be hard headed, resistant, maybe even stubborn. I'm guilty! Here is what I have learned: 1. Be persistent in your pursuit- Don't seek God's will briefly. Earnestly go after HIS will submitting your own. (not a revelation? heard that before? there is a reason you are hearing  it again) Do not give up until you receive an answer. If it is important enough for you to seek HIS will, it is important enough to wait on HIS answer!

2. Don't test God, but a fleece is a good measurement-  Considering our move to TN last year about this time, we listed our home. It was an impossible time to sell our home in that price range and neighborhood. NOTHING was selling. Ours had two contracts in less than 3 days. OK God, we hear you!!! Be reasonable in your fleece, not extravagant.

3. Seek wise counsel- That's just good Biblical advice. When a choice is made that has great impact on you, your family or others. Seek Godly advice from others who:  

     a. Love you and anyone else that may be impacted.

     b. Have little or nothing to gain from the outcome.

     c. Have been there before and share similar experiences.

Lastly, there are numerous people in your life that will pray for you in your time of seeking God and decision making. ASK!!! Feel free to comment on this blog and our network of believers will gladly join you in prayer.