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You Are God's Masterpiece

One person I know entertains God

I love to laugh. We all have people that we find funny. Maybe it's their expressions or voice inflections or maybe they just do funny things. Certain family members and friends just have a way of entertaining me. They don't really have to do anything out of the ordinary, just being themselves is humorous to me. My 10 yr. old daughter is one of those people to me. She has this raspy voice and is so entertaining as she goes through each day just functioning normal. My brother was one of those people. I have come to the conclusion that although I don't really consider myself very funny to my friends and family, I know God gets a kick out of watching me function. I'm pretty guarded and controlled at what comes out of my mouth, but boy do I have some thoughts. As I write, I can just see Him elbowing a few angels and saying, "hey, look down there at Hughes. Watch this crazy move he is about to make." The past 2 nights have been times that I am quite sure God has gotten a few together, maybe popped some popcorn and had some laughs.

Last night (Friday) in the Orlando airport, I waited almost 2 hours in a line for a rental car! They actually ran out of cars, never mind the fact that I had a reservation and confirmation number! (sounds like a Seinfeld episode) We won't share the rental car companies' name, but let's just say I am finished with AVIS!!! Tonight, I am literally spending the night in the Charlotte airport because while we have the plane sitting right outside the window, (I can see it, been here for hours) there is no pilot or crew to take us to Chattanooga! Dare I say it? Yes, I will US AIR!!!!

OK, I'm really not that arrogant to think that God is specifically watching me and I'm quite sure that He has bigger things to watch over, but just maybe He's sitting up there laughing at some of the things I ALMOST said or ALMOST did the past 2 nights. By the way, that's NOT me in the picture!