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Start Here, Go Anywhere

Whether we like it or not, life is made up of numerous choices daily. These choices are left up to us to make. It is our choice of how we will spend each day, what we will eat, who we will call or answer by phone, those we will email, text or Facebook.  One could argue that our occupation may not be our “ultimate” choice of destination, but even that had a path that led to whatever it is that we earn our living by. Education, Experience, etc. all play a vital role in how “employable” each of us is.

Richie Hughes has written an excellent resource for every believer. Whether we like it or not, our lives are ultimately made up of choices. We must be people who are equipped to choose correctly, and this book helps to train you how to recognize choices, learn from those decisions, and push into everything God has for you.

John Bevere Best-selling author of The Bait of Satan and The Fear of the Lord Founder, Messenger International Colorado/Australia/United Kingdom

Our selection of friends and acquaintances, the people we spend our “free time” with or do life with is impacted by several components. Maybe we spend time with those we work with, our friends from College or High School or those that were in our wedding.

Richie Hughes lays out the power of positive choices. I am confident this book will instill a deeper level of wisdom regarding life’s choices and making the right ones.

Israel Houghton Grammy Award-winning artist

In our case, our children’s friends are the people we do life with. At the time of this writing, every moment of spare time is spent at the soccer field or basketball court (dictated only by which season it is) or at a chorale concert or piano recital. Yes, I have two girls and they totally consume almost every earthly thought. God knew I was incapable of raising boys! Football and baseball would have been my parenting demise.

Your life will be the sum of your choices. Finding people who can point you toward wise choices is a game changer. Richie Hughes is one of those guys. His life is a story of making good choices. His wisdom on decision-making, passed on in this book, will help you start where you are and go places you never thought you could.

William Vanderbloemen President, The Vanderbloemen Search Group Houston, TX

Throughout many years of analyzing the choices we make, it is my belief that we have a degree of control in the state of life in which we live. That being the case, it is vital to understand:

  • How to make a good choice
  • When the time is right to make that choice
  • What to look for in making the choice
  • How to analyze the results of the choice after it is made
  • Accepting the rewards or consequences of the choice
  • Understanding the impact on others of our choices
  • Forgiving ourselves and others and moving on after bad choices
  • I purposely separated and did not indent number eight. This is where the cycle of 1-7 starts over with a brand new start. Today, you will be presented with new choices to make, a new set of circumstances, etc. Life just keeps moving on.

You see, every choice has a degree of reward or consequence associated with it.

Richie Hughes brings wit and wisdom to the reality that your personal choices really do determine your destiny. This book will offer you practical guidance and inspiration toward a better future.

Dan Reiland executive pastor, 12 Stone Church Author of “The Pastor’s Coach” blog at Injoy Lawrenceville, GA

Make the right choice, receive the appropriate reward. Choose the wrong path and reap the consequences therein.

Richie Hughes has a terrific way with words and the life experience to back those words. His advice is vital in these exciting times. Read, enjoy, absorb, and then apply.

Pat Williams Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic Author of Extreme Focus

Because we have a creator that gives us a free will and the opportunity to choose, we have an incredible responsibility each day to do the right thing. It sounds simple, doesn’t it, but it is not so easily executed. Our choices may require hard work, manual labor, intense research or exhausting discovery. It may be easier for one to put this book down now, than face the reality that we are responsible for our life path.

Richie has a wide range of real-world experiences that provide an incredible platform for proven and practical wisdom. Start Here, Go Anywhere is the kind of book every leader and parent should read and re-read.

Reggie Joiner founder/president, reThink Group and Orange Conferences

Over the next several chapters, we will attempt to understand the why’s of life, realizing that no one will ever understand everything that comes their way. But, if we can look at examples of good and bad decisions of numerous others, maybe we can polish up our ability to move forward in the upcoming decisions that have lasting impact, not only on us, but all with whom we come in contact with.

From a personal level to a professional level, Richie Hughes is a man of his word. His leadership, humility, consistency, and effectiveness make him one of the greatest leaders I know. I count it an honor to call him a friend. Read this book.

Ricardo Sanchez Dove Award-Winning Recording Artist Atlanta, GA

Maybe you have experienced a painful divorce, the painful loss of a loved one or been affected by a termination of employment. Would it surprise you if I told you that almost everyone reading this book has experienced at least two out of three of those and probably close to half have had to deal with all three. Let’s explore these issues and possibly examine how we can avoid the same results in the future.

In Start Here, Go Anywhere, you will find the tools you need to get started on the life that you were born to live. It is never too late to become what you dreamed!

Reggie Dabbs motivational speaker and author of "Reggie"

It is my desire to truly impact and serve others; to do my part to make this world a better place. Writing this book has been the greatest challenge of my life and has taken many years to complete, but I finally made a choice to finish what I started. Many days, I have faced writer’s block and truly did not want to continue. Some of the content is excruciatingly painful, but my intent is to be transparent with you. I believe that God gives us experiences in order to share with others when they go through similar situations. I hope it helps someone.

In Start Here, Go Anywhere, Richie Hughes captures the essence of choices and their consequences. Out of his own experience as an athlete, father, and accomplished leader, he illuminates the path for others as they face the hard decisions of life. His humility is reflected in his trust in God to guide his steps.

Mark L. Williams, D.D. Second Assistant Overseer, Church of God Cleveland, TN

At this point, you have a choice……. I hope you will continue to read the rest of the story and resist the temptation to put the book down now or later. Will you finish what you have started today in reading this introduction? THE CHOICE IS UP TO YOU!

Richie Hughes is a leader with both spiritual depth and insight. With his lifetime of spiritual leadership he has put his finger on one of the most strategic, yet overlooked principles of life, that is—choices change lives and destinies. You will not only enjoy the refreshing writing style of Start Here, Go Anywhere, you will also learn from the stories and principles that punctuate its pages.

Dr. Raymond F. Culpepper General Overseer, Church of God Cleveland, TN

Life is a journey -- a journey that can take us through dark valleys. But dark valleys don't nullify the good purposes of God. Richie Hughes knows about disappointment and tragedy, but he also knows about the grace of God. In Start Here, Go Anywhere, Richie tells with refreshing transparency his story of the ongoing journey and finding the grace of God. It can be your story too!

Brian Zahnd