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You Are God's Masterpiece

It's still the USA!!!

Our country: Bailouts, unemployment, market crash, housing overdeveloped, disagreement and trashing of our President and politicians, on and on it goes. We watch it on the news, on our social network timelines and hear about it all day long, everywhere we go.

Remember this about MY COUNTRY, YOUR COUNTRY: The United States of America is still the envy of most every other land on Earth. We are the centerpiece of freedom, the most generous nation to others in times of crisis. We are still a nation founded on religious freedom. (Judeo- Christian beliefs in fact)

People die most everyday trying to cross the borders into our country seeking to be an American. The waters off the coast of Florida and the deserts opposite of Texas, Arizona and California are full of people whose goal in life is to enter this great land that so many of us complain about far too often.

So this 4th of July weekend, let's celebrate ALL that America IS and not complain about what America IS NOT. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE!!!