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3 things my daughter MUST HAVE from her Daddy...


I am back in the office after a whirlwind trip to Nashville for the TN Beta Club convention.

My traveling companion was my 10 yr. old daughter for this particular trip and what a time we had. I have never listened to so much Justin Beiber! He's actually pretty talented. Our time consisted of a total of 5 1/2 hours in the car, multiple meals, 2 visits to the Hotel arcade and some talk time in the hotel room.

We did whatever she wanted, ate pizza and burgers and Here's what I learned she needs from me:

1. MY UNDIVIDED ATTENTION: I did not have my wife, other daughter, staff or clients around. I was totally hers and she knew it. During our conversations, I was surprised at how much my little girl is growing into an adult.

2. MORE of my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION: My 10 yr. old is the baby and is usually fighting for attention. Because of the schedule of my older daughter's athletic events, more often than not my 10 yr. old is in a gym somewhere watching or playing with friends, but NOT the center of attention.

3. EVEN MORE of my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION: The greatest accomplishment I received this week had nothing to do with something I spoke, wrote or a golf shot I hit. It came from my baby girl upon our return late last night. She told her mother, "Daddy spoiled me, we did whatever I wanted." WOW!

Fathers, we MUST recognize the importance of UNDIVIDED ATTENTION amongst our children. Family time is irreplaceable, but individual time with each child is equally vital. I pledge to regularly schedule individual, uninterrupted time with each of my daughters each week. Is anyone with me?? How do you provide this for your children? I would love to hear your thoughts.