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Does He really heal ALL our disease?

It's debated among the believers and non believers. Unfortunately even believers seem unable to agree on this topic. To truly understand "healing" we must understand what "All" means. The question is why do some die from cancer and other terminal disease and others are 'healed?" Here is what I have learned: God really does heal "ALL" our disease. Some of HIS methods include: Doctors, medicine, technology, etc. while other times HE simply divinely heals the hurt or the disease. We cannot explain God's choices and are not able to comprehend His Divinity. It's not our job to understand, but to trust. (that "lean not on our own understanding" part may help)

Having lost a brother at 28 and a sister at 32, both to disease I know this: ALL are healed eventually! It may not be in our timing, the way we would like and without suffering, but if I asked my brother and sister to return to earth with a perfect body, I believe they would simply ask, "Are you crazy?" Look at me, look where I live, I get to see Jesus every hour of every day and walk streets of Gold. I have a mansion that surpasses any of the houses you and the family ever lived in. There's no sadness, NO DISEASE up here. I am HEALED!"

So.... the answer is, YES the Bible is correct. He truly heals ALL our disease.

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