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2 reasons why we survive tornadoes.

It has been 2 weeks today since the series of tornadoes devastated our home town. Statistics are overwhelming with 31 deaths in our area and over 500 homes significantly impacted. 1000's are displaced and facing long recovery processes. In these past couple of weeks, I have been more amazed than ever by what I believe to be the inherent good that is possessed by all humans. The Bible is clear and we all have a sinful nature. That was created in the Garden of Eden thousands of years ago, but I observed the following common traits among those in our community whether they were a part of a church or not. It did not seem to matter Christian or non, we all helped each other.

1. Americans are survivalists: The good ole USA is always up for a challenge. We are fighters! Like many families, we can say whatever we want about each other, but we don't allow others or outside forces (weather, tragedy, etc.) to divide us, rather we come together!

2. The ability to be grateful in tough times: Our family owns hotels. Upon the devastation, people had no power and more importantly they had no home! After the storms, lines of people waited excruciatingly long periods of time in the attempt to secure a room at the Inn. The hotel had lost power and the reservation system was down. Imagine going back 30 years and literally filling out paper work and having to pay cash or write out your credit card information, etc. just to get a hotel room. The process took almost 10 minutes per person. For over 4 hours, the line was out the lobby doors. The amazing thing was this: NOT ONE person complained! Everyone was grateful to be alive. Repeatedly, each person was not concerned with their loss, but thankful for their lives.

I am proud of our local community of Cleveland, TN and the way we have handled this challenge, but I believe it is the American way! God bless this land we all love.