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You Are God's Masterpiece

What if we were there that day??

It's good Friday and I am overwhelmed with the love of a God who could give HIS ALL for the worst in me. I decided to express my love for the King today through song. Since I am not an artist, I will "borrow" some of my favorite lines of songs to share in worship on this most momentous day. What if you had been there as Christ was dragging his cross uphill to a sure death by crucifixion? Our Saviour ridiculed and beaten almost beyond recognition, I think I would have cried out in song:

"That's why I love YOU, because YOU first loved me"- Israel New Breed I would "Shout to the Lord"- Hillsong, my proclaimation that "there's nothing I can do on my own to find forgiveness, it's by His grace alone I trust in Jesus."- Third Day.

Others might or might not have joined me in my praise, but I would have belted out to HIM right there on the spot: "What could I say, What could I do, but offer this heart completely to YOU!"- United

Helplessly we would all watch as the nails were driven and cross erected. Desperately, I would receive HIS "Amazing Grace, b/c My chains are gone." Tomlin. The problem would be our "Jesus Messiah" would still be suffering.

BUT then Sunday would come!!!!!!!!!! when the "Power of the Cross, the spotless sacrifice" would "Let God Arise" and we would then realize that "It's NOT OVER!!!"- Ricardo Sanchez

Well, I wasn't there on the that Friday or the Sunday 2000 years ago, but today I am "Moving Forward" with "Arms HIGH and Hearts abondoned" offering My best praise to Him who sits triumphantly on the Throne! I love my KING!!! I know that "Thru it all, I've learned to Trust in Jesus, I've learned to trust in God." - Andre Crouch.

Thank you Jesus who loved the unlovable!