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New vs. Old worship

Lately, it seems there is so much debate about the new vs. the old when it comes to worship. My family goes deep into the faith with my children being 6th generation ministry kids. Recently, I preached a message on "Legacy" and tried to mesh the new and the old together regarding worship. It has sparked some healthy, but interesting feedback. My grandparents love to sing, "What a FRIEND we have in Jesus." My children love to sing "I am a FRIEND of God." At this place in my journey, I actually love to sing both. I appreciate the heritage and writing of the days of "Great is thy faithfulness, Blessed Assurance, Come and Dine." I am blessed each time I hear those songs. My worship experience moved onto "Shout to the Lord, He's been faithful and For Every mountain." And who could ever forget the days of Mylon Lefevre and Andre Crouch? "Through it All" has been my theme song for most of my life.

All that to say this, Hymns were anointed, Mylon and Andre- anointed, Hillsong, Brooklyn Tab and Christ Church -anointed, but to stay relevant with this generation there must be guitars, keys, drums, etc. My 10 and 12 year old girls will learn to appreciate the hymns as they grow in Christ. Until then, please allow Israel, Ricardo, Third Day and Tomlin to minister with the same anointing as the great forefathers did in the hymnals.

Here's the key, great worship engages all ages and ethnicities that are present in the service. Ministers of worship and word, let's work hard to plan our services with one goal in mind: To lead ALL present into a vertical focus, forgetting the surroundings and worshipping the KING.

What have I left out here? Help me....