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3 signs you are a WORSHIPPER….

Well, our “Weekend of Worship” concluded late last night in East Tennessee. Since Friday night, I watched people who are hungry for God, GO after Him in worship. Interestingly enough, it didn’t matter if we were in an arena of 15,000-20,000 teens or a smaller church venue with 200. What I learned this past weekend was God is truly no respecter of persons, yes, but how about “places?” You see the place doesn’t matter either. I thought the pinnacle of our weekend would be seeing thousands flood the altar at the UT arena, but it blessed me just as much to see a dozen flood the altar at an incredible local church. 1. A WORSHIPPER will go after God in worship regardless of the surroundings.God’s presence is not more prominent because a building is bigger or the crowd larger. The presence of God is just as powerful when I am alone with Him. (most often in my car or on a run with worship music blaring)

2. A WORSHIPPER will press through distractions to get through to God in worship. With 15,000 kids in an arena, there were ongoing distractions, but we must focus on the worship and the word. (Restroom breaks, babies crying, flickering lights, etc.) How about the music’s too loud, building to hot, etc.? Distractions….

3. A WORSHIPPER will as David did, sometimes become “undignified.” unashamed with hands raised, tears shed, on bended knee, intentional focus on God.

A truly powerful worship experience will linger and leave its residue on us and that’s something I don’t want to wash off! How is your worship lately?