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3 questions for you: Are you "CALLED" to be a parent or not?

So, we are blessed to have children, (the greatest gift from God) and we do our best to be parents. We strive to raise them in Peace, Protection and with Provision. We shelter them from everything we can. They go through early childhood, into primary, then Middle School, High School and then they are gone. This school year is 2/3 of the way finished and this is the first year I have not been "invited" to eat lunch at school with either of my two daughters. (10 and 12 yrs. old) They have already out grown that stage. Thinking of their departure in the not so distant future, I looked at my "calling" and asked these questions: 1.  What have I deposited into their lives?  I hope a love for God, great character, morals, respect, purity, honesty and great self esteem/ self-confidence.

2. What have I missed that is important to them? I hope not much! I have recently drastically reduced my travels and if they are involved, I AM There! Sports, Music, PTA and of course Church events, I am there and try to be involved. Now, I know that many travel and that is the only way you can pay the bills. As I said, I have seen the days of great travels, but even in that, there may be ways to creatively schedule yourself as to not miss anything that is a potential life long memory in the making for our children. This is an area that I am working at harder than anything.

3. How will they turn out? Well, no one knows, but I have this promise from God "Train up a child........." I can only hope we have done our part to train them well.

So, my question is: Are you "called" to be a parent and if so, how are you answering that call? Is parenting - priority or is the other "calling" or career overtaking the precious formation years of your children?

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions as I too am a work in progress on this.....please share.