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You Are God's Masterpiece

2 Reasons your DREAM will come true!

"Depend on it: God keeps his word." Romans 3:4 (message) Do you have a Dream? For many years, my dream was clear. I knew what I wanted. Upon marriage, children and a calling into ministry, my dream changed. I still have a dream, but it is totally family oriented and somewhat less career oriented. You see, I know God will bless my business, finances and ministry if I perform my greatest duties on earth- Faithful, Godly Husband and Father.

Paul asks: "For what if some did not believe?" We must get over the thought that everyone must be in agreement with our dream, that they all have to believe in us. "Refuse to put your dream on hold, waiting for everyone to get on the same page with you"- Bob Gass

Your dream will be fulfilled if you believe it.

1. "Believe it

2. then achieve it." - John Maxwell

"Depend on it: God keeps his word!"