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Can we really "think" ourselves HAPPY?

Terrible Unrest in Egypt, Iran with nuclear power, foreclosures and unemployment reaching record highs, stocks and 401k's at record lows. Divorce, kids "sexting," when does it all end? In Acts 26:2, Paul says, "I think myself happy." I have used this scripture for years. Many times when discussing depression issues, this scripture comes to my mind and I share it with others, but if you read the first sentence above, how can we do this now? In a day when we all have days that are better than others, we must remember that others don't have what we do. A couple of years ago, I sat in a room with 4 of the most recognizable names in our faith. All were great preachers, authors and ministers. While discussing the great tribulation and whether we will be raptured pre, mid or post tribulation, one of the renowned said this in defending his "Mid" belief, "Tell the people of Haiti that they are not living in tribulation NOW. We tend to only see things through the American eyes." Here is the kicker, that was BEFORE  the great Earthquake.

My point is this, when we feel sorry for ourselves and maybe doubt God has a plan for us, "think" about others. "Think" about starvation, disease, filthy water, no shoes or clothing, no shelter, no bed. Paul was on to something when he said, "I "think" myself happy. Let's join together today and "think." Share your "thoughts." I would love to hear them......

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