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Superbowl ad is banned b/c "Christian"?

It appears that an advertisement on Television's biggest day has been denied due to it's "Christian content." Watch ad: http://bit.ly/i8GEId

Obviously, the eyeblack scriptures ad, made famous by Tim Tebow, is too offensive to the multiplied millions that will watch Sunday's game. I guess the network prefers less offensive ads like every Beer manufacturer in the world or the insinuated girl on girl activities of Go Daddy?? Some may give up and think we contiune to go to "hell in a handbasket." Last week, a high ranking church official explained to me why my daughters (9 and 11 years) "have no chance." Even with this decision about television ads, I respectfully disagree sir.

Isaiah 59:21 "My spirit and My words that I give you will NEVER leave YOU, YOUR Children or YOUR Grandchildren, NOW and FOREVER! .................Enough said! This generation is blessed and will know the KING! We MUST keep fighting and telling the story. WILL YOU TELL SOMEBODY THE STORY TODAY??