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3 reasons we must go to Chickfila Today!!

I plan to make some kind of purchase from Chickfila multiple days this week. After coming under attack for its support of a pro marriage / pro family group, the NY Times reports that gay and lesbian groups are rallying a petition with over 25,000 signees to boycott Chickfila. The group sites Chickfila as "Christian" and "Homophobic." Since when does the word Christian classify someone as Homophobic? Today, I will sign up to follow @Chickfila on Twitter and @dancathy, the company CEO as a sign of my support for their stand on family. 3 reasons we should all make purchases at Chickfila this week:

1. The silent majority - For too long Christians have stood by quietly when a few others make big noise. Counteract that petition of 25k names with record sales this week at their stores nationwide.

2. For future attacks - If this protest hurts sales and draws negative media attention, it just encourages anti Christian groups to pursue other businesses that support Christian values. (Again, let's have record sales)

3. Chickfila is Dang good!!!! The product is superior to anything else on the market. Thank God for quality from a Christian business. Many of you ended your 21 day fast yesterday. It's time for a combo #1 with a Strawberry shake!

Additionally, I know the economic impact of closing on Sunday for Chickfila is tremendous, yet they have not waivered on that policy. 

Today: Eat more Chicken!