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Distractions!! Can we avoid them?

Distractions! They take us away from what we are supposed to be doing. Distractions cost us time and create consequential results. Productivity suffers and negativity can develop all by virtue of a distraction. Often, my mind races as I study or have devotions. These thoughts can destroy the creativity or my ability to absorb what I am committed to doing. It seems the phone always rings or someone knocks on the door? One day a bird flew straight into my window and dropped dead on the ground- Major distraction! We have all used the phrase, "Stay the course" at some point in our lives. We know and believe the strategy, yet too many times we get "off course." Today, Let's all commit to productivity and creativity by blocking out distractions and saying no to the visual and verbal items that present themselves to us, eating away our time.  What strategies do you use to avoid distractions? I would love to hear about them......