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You Are God's Masterpiece

Each generation moves further away from God?

If we are honest, we all worry to some extent about our children and Grandchildren. My girls are only 9 and 11, but it's been said that "each generation moves further away from God." That worries ME!!! Pictured above is a group from one of our recent NFL football camps. They are very racially diverse and come from all different socio-economical backgrounds, BUT most all of them tend to do exactly what we EXPECT from them. (what we model for them)

God's word has not changed and HIS promises are still "Yes and Amen." When I worry about my girls understanding the most important things in life, (eternity) I am reminded of this: "My Spirit and My Words that I give you will never leave YOU, or your CHILDREN, or your GRANDCHILDREN. (Is. 59:21)

Statistically speaking, WE (parents) are still the number 1 influence on children over friends, media, etc. Too many parents have not placed enough emphasis on their role, thus allowing the other influences mentioned to trump their role as primary influencers.

Let's step up today and take the lead in making sure our children do NOT move further away from God, but closer to HIM! My girls may be young, but they are old enough to "get it." We do church, devotions, prayer and Bible Reading as a family. I am "required" to pass this faith onto the next generation. How about you?

Let me hear your thoughts/ comment....