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Wii missed it on MJ Experience: Technically

We got our daughter the MJ Experience for 2 reasons: 1. She wanted it and asked for it as a Christmas present.

2. My wife and I reaalllyy wanted it too.

We have had the Wii console for 3 or 4 years now and have loved the interactive aspects of the games we have. The kids love "Rock Band" and we all love the Bowling, Tennis, Golf, etc. We have been impressed with the Wii Fit program and assumed that the MJ experience would be the best game ever. Here's why I believe Wii missed it:

1. The entire game is scored on the movements of one hand. The player holds the remote in one hand and that particular movement is the only thing judged.

2. Why did Wii not create a floor mat with sensors ala Wii Fit that measured the footwork of the player.

3. MJ was known for his incredible footwork above anything else. (ex. moonwalk) There is absolutely no measurement for footwork.

4. It's very difficult to accurately score groups (more than one player) simply because of the movement that "should" take place and the remote/ sensor placed near the Television. Spacing is tough.

MJ is the greatest entertainer of my lifetime, so great that my kids are huge fans even though they are very young and MJ is rarely on the radio anymore. I hate that Wii did not invest more into his greatest traits and create a better "Experience."

Suggestion: Someone needs to create the "Usher Experience." Usher is the new MJ. He is still popular with the younger generation and has proven to be an incredible singer/ dancer/ entertainer, etc. You listening X Box?