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Blueprint for 2011: 5 Critical Keys!

So it's Jan. 2nd. Now What? Hopefully, we have all spent time in Reflection and Thanksgiving for the blessings of 2010. This may not have been your favorite year, but let's face it, we are still blessed compared to rest of the world. Our family turned off the TV, iPods and Macbooks and did the old-fashioned thing yesterday. We all took a pencil and paper and wrote out our goals for the new year. My 9 and 11 yr. old daughters worked hard on their lists and were creative and surprisingly responsible in their listings. (I saw numerous goals related to basketball- go figure!) My wife has her set of goals and I..............well I did my thing categorically.

I will keep most of my individual listings private, but here are the categories I believe each of us should break down, dissect and develop goals for:

1. Spiritual - We should all aspire to grow in Christ. (study, pray, read and worship) Lead others into growth and win those lost loved ones THIS YEAR!

2. Spouse- My wife and I took a "spouse needs" survey recently. We know each others major needs and are working hard to provide the best for each other. Aside from our Spiritual relationship with the Father, there is no other role that we play as critical as our role to our life partner. (top of the list)

3. Parenting- I listed some areas I wanted to grow as a Father. (more Daddy/ Daughter time individually, develop strong self-confidence, trust and security in my girls, development in their academics, athletics, music and their interest, etc. - I PLAY a MAJOR role in all of these things)

4. Personal- Take CARE of the TEMPLE! Most of us resolve to work out and eat better, but I will maintain this throughout the year. Promote "positivity" refuse to listen to "negativity."

5. Professionally- Complete my book, finish my business projects, serve churches and ministries, volunteer more than ever! Many of you need to set corporate goals here as well.

I believe these 5 categories provide a well-rounded approach to a Blueprint for a GREATER 2011!

So, I am laying it on the line.......what will you do? Have you made your list? NO BUILDER HAS EVER BUILT WITHOUT A PLAN! Who is your Architect? Will you let another year pass by with regrets? Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a "plan" for our lives. What a shame if we don't????

I encourage you to turn everything off for a few minutes and go "old school." Get a pencil and paper out and GET BETTER this year! I believe in you! Take the time to believe in yourself! Happy New Year and God Bless you!