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My Emergency Room trauma "Blues"

Picture a room FULL of hurting people. There are multiple babies crying, senior citizens, middle age and young people all in pain. Everyone in the room feels as though they are in the worst condition and should be admitted "NEXT." I am in this picture in a hospital last night and was not immune to any of these feelings. After a horrifically rough night and part of today, I am much better so that is where the story really begins. My reflection: 1. Wall to wall HURTING people. 2. Multiple racial, ethnic and socio-economic groupings of people. 3. Hospital workers so used to this scene that many are calloused to our pain. 4. Other workers so numb that they are laughing painfully loud and ignoring any hope of speeding up our admittance for treatment.

As I left the ER today, the scene had not changed, only the people occupying the seats. Tonight my heart hurts for those that were sick and injured as I waited with them. I hurt for those (different group) that were in the waiting room as I was released and for those like my family who were there hurting with me, praying for their loved ones healing. I even hurt for the workers. The calloused ones who have grown so accustomed to the ER scene that they do not sympathize.

Lord, forgive my selfishness of wanting to be called "NEXT" in front of the others. Forgive my anger toward the workers that cared not. Most of all, help us ALL to remember that the ER waiting room I referred to looks eerily like another place I am aware of. Can you see it? Hurting people of all races, poor and rich together, families praying and seeking healing from God. Can you see it? That ER under GLORIOUS circumstances with the same people looks.........well it looks like HEAVEN. Can you see it?