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You Are God's Masterpiece

What is PERFECT?

I still cannot fathom Heaven. To think that all that is wrong is made right, imperfection becomes perfection and the absolute beauty and splendor of a place that uses GOLD to pave the streets is beyond my simple mind.

We took a couple of days off to visit with my parents in Florida. Just the picture of my two amazing girls, stunningly beautiful

wife and two Godly parents laughing, playing games, enjoying meals, ballgames and shopping together is

a blessing only Heaven could exceed. Knowing that days like this are just the beginning because of the household

of faith we have is even better.

As I look out the window at God's creation of the Atlantic Ocean, the water is perfectly blue, the sand is especially

white and I have my most treasured loved ones with me. Somehow all of the Macbook Air's, iPad, new clothes, etc.

fade away. Somehow, I forget the unseasonably cold temperatures here. (by the way, has anybody seen Al Gore?

Global warming?)

All I know is my Father's House is incomparably better than this and this is pretty amazing!

Does your future look like this? What are your thoughts on HEAVEN? Tell me about it......